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Island Transportation


Our Opinion

"Renting a car or Jeep is the best way to see the island. But if you want to relax and not drive to attractions or beaches then take the local Safari.

Visit this site and read about the "Dollar Ride"

Frequently Asked Questions related to Driving in St. Thomas or St John:


Q: What side of the road do you drive on?
A: Driving in the Virgin Islands is on the left side of the road. Vehicles are typical American cars with left side steering.

Q:  Can I use my US License?
A: Valid US and international driver's licenses can be used while visiting the Virgin Islands for up to 90 days.

"Driving on the left takes a lot of concentration, especially in the more congested areas. The roads aren't well marked. The island is mountainous, so there are a lot of switchbacks and steep inclines.


Taxis are a popular transportation choice for visitors to St. Thomas. While there isn't a standard type of taxi vehicle, the most popular are vans, open air safaris (converted trucks; truck beds are customized with bench seating in an open-air covered area) and SUVs/cars. Taxis on St. Thomas are not metered; rates are per person and per destination and are set by the VI Taxicab Division.

Taxi Tips

·         Taxis are almost always available at the cruise ship docks when ships are in port, at the airport, within the shopping district in down town Charlotte Amalie and usually at large hotels and popular restaurants/bars.

·         Licensed taxi vehicles are labeled with: a taxi placard or dome light on the roof, license plates that indicate Taxi status, On Duty/Off Duty sign in the window of the vehicle and a sign, usually on the fender, indicating passenger capacity. The driver’s personal identification/taxi license should be on the vehicles dash board.

·         There are drivers that run "gypsy taxis" in their personal vehicles. They do not adhere to the rules of the taxi commission and are use at your own risk. They often hustle outside bars and grocery stores.

·         Although rates are standardized it is recommended that you speak to the driver and agree to your total rate (for you, your group, your luggage, waiting, tour) before boarding the taxi.

·         Many taxis are multi-destination and some can carry up to 26 passengers. At the airport in particular drivers will often wait to fill their vehicle before departing. You can pay extra for a private taxi (see Special Provisions Section).


Taxi Services:

East End Taxi (depot at Sapphire Beach) 340-775-6974

Independent Taxi 340-775-1006

Islander Taxi 340-774-4077

Sunflower Bliss Taxi Service 340-777-7343

VI Taxi Radio Dispatch 340-774-7457

VI Taxi Association 340-774-4550

Wheatly Taxi Service and tours 340-775-1959


Dependable Car Rental
(800) 522-3076
(340) 774-2253

Discount Car Rental
Featured Car Rental Company
(877) 478-2833
(340) 776-4858

Budget Car and Truck Rental
Featured Car Rental Company
(800) 626-4516
(340) 776-5774

 Four locations island wide to serve you; Airport, Downtown, Havensight Cruise-ship Dock and Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina. Free pick-up and drop-off.


Avis Car Rental: 1800-331-1212 or Locally 340-774-1468

Hertz Car Rental Agency 1-800-472-3325 or Locally 340-774-1879

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